Matrix calculator for the multiplication of a matrix with a vector

Multiplication of a vector with a matrix

The product of a matrix with a vector is a linear image. The multiplication is explained if the number of columns of the matrix is equal to the number of elements of the vector. The result is a vector whose number of components equals the number of rows of the matrix. This means that a matrix with 2 rows always maps a vector to a vector with two components.

Av= ( a11a12a1m a21a22a2m an1an2anm ) ( v1 v2 vm ) = ( a11v1+a12v2++a1mvm a21v1+a22v2++a2mvm an1v1+an2v2++anmvm )

Calculator for the product of Matrix A with Vector v

Number of rows=
Number of columns=

Input of the matrix elements: a11, a12, ... and the vector elements, v1, v2, ...

Multiplication of the matrix with the vector:

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