Inverse NxN Matrix Calculator

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The calculator computes step-by-step the inverse matrix of a NxN matrix with the Gauss-Jordan method and via the adjugate matrix.

A= ( a11a12a1N a21a22a2N aN1aN2aNN )


The computer does not verify the invertibility or the conditioning of the matrix. A valid result is when the last computation step has the identity matrix on the left. Otherwise, can possibly a valid result produced by interchanging rows or columns.

Dimension N=

Enter the matrix elements for matrix A: a1,1, a1,2, ...

The entered matrix is:

Gauss-Jordan method

The inverse matrix is:

Inverse matrix with adjugate matrix method

The entered matrix is:

The cofactor matrix is:

The adjugate matrix is the transpose of the cofactor matrix:

The inverse matrix is:

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