Online Lagrange Interpolation Calculator

Calculator for the calculation of the interpolation polynomial

The calculator calculates the Lagrange polynomials and the interpolation polynomial for any definable points. The points can be entered in tabular form or alternatively loaded from a file.


Axes ranges

Load from file:
Number of points =

An alternative input is possible by loading the data from a file. The values must be separated by comma, space or semicolon and must be in pairs x1, y1, x2, y2, ...

Lagrange Polynom

The individual Lagrange polynomials are:

Li(x)= (x-x0)(x-xi-1)(x-xi+1)(x-xn) (xi-x0)(xi-xi-1)(xi-xi+1)(xi-xn)

The Lagrange interpolation polynomial is:

In(x)= i = 0 n yiLi(x)

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