icon-Dreieck Interactive Graphical Circle

Range of the axis
x-min= x-max=
y-min= y-max=
Coordinates of the points x, y
P1 =
P2 =
P3 =

Interactive graphical

Interactive circle with sector and segment

Move the points in the grafic or define the point coordinates in the numeric field.

Circle radius

The radius r is the distance from the center of the circle to the circle circumference. A circle is defined by the set of all points that have the distance r to a point.

Circle circumference


Circle area



The chord or secant connects two points of the circle circumference. The length of the secant s is:


with the opening angle α of the sector uand the height h of the circular section.

Arc length

The arc length l of the circle segment is:


Sector area

The area S of the circle sector is:


Area of the circular section

The circular section is the area between the secant and the circle circumference. The area Sa of the circular section is:


Height of the circular section

The height ha of the circular section is: