Standard functions

Usable expressions in the definition of the function


LN2Natural logarithm of 2
LN10Natural logarithm of 10
LOG2EBase 2 logarithm of e
LOG10EBase 10 logarithm of e
PIRatio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter
SQRT1_2Quadratwurzel von 1/2
SQRT1_2Square root of 1/2
SQRT2Square root of 2

Trigonometric Functions

sin(x)Sine of x
cos(x)Cosine of x
tan(x)Tangent of x
acos(x)arccosine of x
atan(x)arctangent of x
atan2(y, x)Returns the arctangent of the quotient of its arguments.
cosh(x)Hyperbolic cosine of x
sinh(x)Hyperbolic sine of x

Logarithm and Exponential

pow(a, b)Power
sqrt(x)Square root of x
log(x), ln(x)Natural logarithm
log(x, b)Logarithm to base b
log2(x), lb(x)Logarithm to base 2
log10(x), ld(x)Logarithm to base 10

More functions

ceil(x)Get smallest integer n with n > x.
abs(x)Absolute value of x
max(a, b, c, ...)Maximum value of all given values.
min(a, b, c, ...)Minimum value of all given values.
random(max = 1)Generate a random number between 0 and max.
round(v)Returns the value of a number rounded to the nearest integer.
floor(x)Returns the biggest integer n with n < x.
factorial(n)Calculates n!
trunc(v, p = 0)Truncate v after the p-th decimal.
V(s)Returns the value of the given element, e.g. sliders and angles.

More Calculators

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