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Names of the roots

a n

Say: nth root of a. Where a is the radical and n is the root exponent.

a 2 = a

Square root of a

a 3

Cubic root from a

Root as power

a n = a 1 n

The root can also be written as a power with the exponent 1/n.

a m n = a m n = a n m

a = a 1 2

a 3 = a 1 3

1 a = 1 a 1 2 = a - 1 2

Calculation rules of root calculation

a n b n = a b n

Product rule with the same root exponent

a m a n = a n + m n m

Product rule for the same radicand

a n b n = a b n

Quotient rule

a n m = a m n

Iteration rule

Root equation

x n = a x = a n

The root equation can be transformed by means of the power laws.

x = a x = a 2

For the square root, the transformation is done by squaring.

Representation with e-function and logarithm

x n = e ln x n

The root function can be represented by the exponential function and the logarithm.

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