icon-Bruch Percentage Calculator

Percent notations

1% = 1 100 = 0.01

100% = 100 100 = 1

25% = 25 100 = 1 4 = 0.25

x% = x 100 = 0.01x

With the following abbreviations the formulas for calculating percentages can be written clearly.

  • G : Basic value
  • p%: Percentage
  • p : Percent number
  • W : Percent value

W =pG100

p% =WG

p =100WG

G =100Wp

Slope in percent

The indication of a slope or a gradient in percent indicates how much the altitude changes in relation to the horizontal distance. For example, 10% slope are reached per 100m horizontally 10m vertical. This corresponds to an angle of 5.7 °. The angle is given by arctan (p / 100).

Percentage calculator for the basic calculations

Percent value:

% from are

Basic value:

If are % then the whole is


The part from is

Percent calculator

From the Students of a class are ill. How many percent of the students are they?

In a class are girls, that are % of the students. How many students have the class as a whole?

A canteen receives a delivery of meat at the price of $ a discount of %. How much is the discount and how expensive is the meat?

% of a money sum are $. What is the total sum?

The list price of a car is $. The customer gets the car for $. How much percent is this price below the list price?

An employee receives after deduction of % charges a net salary of $. What is the gross salary?

A repair costs $. Join in % VAT. What is the total amount?

An amount of $ is invested for one year at an interest rate of %. How much is the interest income and how much is the total amount after one year?

An amount of $ is invested for two years at an interest rate of %. What is the interest yield if the interest is added to the credit after one year and what is the total amount after two years?

A slope of % corresponds to which angle?

A vehicle drives minutes at a slope of % with a speed of km/h. What difference in height does the vehicle cover?

voters participated in a election. This corresponds to an electoral participation of %. The XPU party achieved a result of %. How many percent of the electorate voted the party?