Percentage calculation

Percent notations

1% = 1 100 = 0.01

100% = 100 100 = 1

25% = 25 100 = 1 4 = 0.25

x% = x 100 = 0.01x

With the following abbreviations the formulas for calculating percentages can be written clearly.

W =pG100

p% =WG

p =100WG

G =100Wp


Percentage is the indication of ratios in a multiple of one hundredth of a whole. The hundredth is indicated by the % symbol and is equivalent to 1 100 . The specification of a number n% with the following percentage sign indicates that it is n hundredths of a whole. The statement makes sense only if the totality is indicated with. Background of the percentage calculation is to make size ratios comparable. For this purpose, the ratios are given with respect to the basis hundred.


p% = p 100

In addition to the % operator and the spellings per cent and per cent are (of hundreds) used.

Example of percentages

5% = 5per cent = 5 100 = 0.05

5 % are 51100

Terms of percentage calculation

Percent value =Basic valuePercentage

The basic value, as the whole, multiplied by a percentage gives the percentage value of the whole. If for example a running track is 42km long, then 10% of the running track are given by 4210100=4.2

Basic value =Percent valuePercentage

The percent value and the corresponding percentage of the whole can be used to determine the basic value. How long, for example, is the total distance if 4.2km are 10% : 4.210010=42

Percentage =Percent valueBasic value

The percentage is obtained by dividing the percent value and the total. Is the track portion 4.2km and the total distance is 42km then 4.2km match to 4.242=110=10%

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