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The online calculator calculates the solutions of quadratic equations with solution steps.

Normal to vertex calculator:

Normal to vertex form

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Quadratic Equations

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Parabola Plotter

Calculator for parabola zeros

The calculator solves the quadratic equation via the pq-Formula and with quadratic expansion. Also the product representation and the graph of the parabola is given.

Calculator for the solutions of the quadratic equation. This corresponds to the computation of the zeros of the corresponding parabola.

a·x2+b·x+c = 0

Input the coefficients a, b and c of the equation

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The given quadratic equation:

Solution of the quadratic equation with the pq-Formula:

Solving the quadratic equation with the general formula:

Solution of the quadratic equation with quadratic expansion:

Product representation of the quadratic equation:

Function Graph

Graphical representation of the associated quadratic function (parabola) f(x).

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